Partnering with Gateway

Gateway presents an opportunity to become better connected for the benefit of newcomers.

Interested in Becoming a Partner?

As a Gateway partner, your voice and interests matter. Partnering allows you to benefit from Gateway’s systems of knowledge, referrals, and people. Being part of the Gateway community puts you on the path to better connect, learn and grow.
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You become part of a connected team with a united purpose.

Gateway creates a united front and galvanizes partner agencies to work more closely together. You will belong to a community of peers that emphasize knowledge sharing and strive to solve challenges together.

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You become connected to data that can create the ‘right' support for newcomers.

Access to anonymous and aggregated data, upholds confidentiality, while enabling you to make more informed decisions about your programs, services, activities, outreach and research. The Gateway model allows you to be more successful and effective with the resources you have.

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You become part of the change.

For referral agencies, as the the number of newcomers accessing programs through Gateway increases, you receive more referrals matched to your specific programs and services. The community, client-centric approach and data-driven shift of Gateway proves effective especially through the COVID response.

We’re Better Together

By becoming part of Gateway, you can positively transform the newcomer experience. Together, we are bringing to life a model that will create greater cohesion and transparency within the immigrant-serving sector.

Who Can Join Gateway?

There are a variety of partnership opportunities that include many different kinds of groups interested in the newcomer journey, making Gateway the first of its kind in Canada.

Newcomer Service Providers

Partners that receive referrals to their programs/services profiled in the Gateway System.

Community Service Partners

Institutions and community organizations interacting with newcomers.

Research & Knowledge Partners

Academic, research and policy makers seeking knowledge development and newcomer service provider data sets.

Our Collaborative Goals

Partners of Gateway share six common goals. Each goal revolves around improving the experiences for immigrants in order to enable them to reach their goals faster.

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Increase newcomer awareness of relevant services available to them

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Ease the process for newcomers to find what they need quickly

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Uncover and clear unintended obstacles that prevent newcomers from accessing services

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Reassure newcomers that immigrant-serving agencies are a cohesive community

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Build momentum, create multi-sector collaboration and partnership

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Meet a standard of excellence in service for a broad spectrum of clients

SCHEDULE A MEETING to learn more

Connect with us one-on-one to learn more about Gateway and the impact of becoming a partner. During this meeting, we will answer your questions and provide information about:

  • How the Gateway system can enhance the newcomer-serving sector
  • How you can benefit from joining a community of peers that collectively solve challenges facing the newcomer serving sector
  • How Gateway refers clients to your agency
  • How Gateway can assist you in innovating your work through advanced technology and standardization
  • How you benefit from anonymized and aggregated data
  • How Gateway enables you to make better decisions about your own programs and services