About Gateway

Gateway addresses the opportunities and challenges facing Alberta’s immigration sector.

The Gateway Model:
A Newcomer-centric Approach

Immigrants arriving in Alberta can face barriers to establishing their new lives in Canada. Lack of coordination between agencies, gaps in information, and a lack of visibility for immigrant-related services mean that many individuals and families are having their civic, economic, and social integration pushed back by years. Gateway changes the way the organizations that serve newcomers work together. 

Gateway is a collective approach to supporting immigrants to Alberta more effectively. Gateway simplifies a newcomer’s intake, standardizes their needs assessment and refers newcomers to best-fit services in their community through secured Gateway technology. 

The Gateway Newcomer Model

Gateway uses an innovative concept that captures the newcomers’ priorities, capabilities, and needs to create a personalized plan. This plan refers them directly to each service that best meet their needs and circumstances. Newcomers share their story and their aspirations, once. Their services are coordinated from there. Follow-up and newcomer feedback is gathered as their needs evolve.

Needs Assessment
A standardized system for intake, assessing client’s needs and understanding priorities.

Personalized Plan
Program referrals to the community. Follow ups to support a newcomer’s journey along the way.

Continued Sector Improvement
Culminates in a knowledge hub for partners and researchers to aid in progressing our work with newcomers.

See Your Impact

Join an info session and learn about the impact of becoming a Gateway partner.

Doing It Differently, Together

Working together builds sector strength that could not be achieved alone. Shifting to solving challenges and learning together enables us more effectively improve outcomes for newcomers.

Innovating Access

Using technology, Gateway connects newcomers and agencies based on a standard needs assessment and personalized plan. Immigrants will be matched more quickly and effectively with relevant programs in the community. Working together, the sector will be better equipped to clear barriers that newcomers face. 

Better Data, Better Decisions

Compilation and use of data sets the Gateway initiative apart. Greater use of technology, data management and the adoption of best practices allows agencies to receive feedback on their programs and any identified service gaps more readily.

Localized, secure and de-identified data enable better decision-making around service delivery changes, forecast changes, gap mitigations, supportive funding and policy development. 

Progress-focused Sector Collaboration

The Gateway approach brings new opportunities for shared learning and analysis that lead to positive change for newcomers, agencies, funders and the entire newcomer-serving sector.

“I’m just totally amazed at how fast this is progressing. I think the work that’s gone into this is phenomenal… what impresses me the most is all the different pieces that you’ve been thinking about, so it’s not just about the platform itself, it’s about all the other pieces that go with Gateway…And I also appreciate how you’re testing – you’re asking for feedback. I think that’s going to go a long way to get buy-in from not just the committee here, but from the broader community as well.”

Susan Brooke, United Way
Gateway Partner Advisory Council Meeting, March 18, 2021

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