About Gateway:

Building a better future for all newcomers

Changing Newcomer Lives, Together

Though they have unique stories, all newcomers have one thing in common: a personal history that predates their arrival in Canada. Some are doctors, entrepreneurs, and artists, while others are students, caregivers, and parents—all are individuals with personal dreams for their future.
We help them build those dreams in Canada.


Gateway is a collaboration among organizations to better serve and support newcomers who choose to make Alberta their new home. Born out of the desire to improve the lives of newcomers in Calgary, Gateway ensures immigrants and refugees are connected to the best-fit programs and services to thrive in their new homeland.


Whether they’ve moved to Canada to build a better future, or are escaping poverty and war, newcomers bring along with them a wealth of experiences and knowledge. Despite their desire to succeed in their new homeland, many fall through the cracks of a complex support system and are unable to build thriving lives. Our vision is to help newcomers realize their dreams and unleash their economic, social, and civic potential.

Why Gateway?

Our passion to serve newcomers and provide them with a smooth and successful transition to their new home in Canada is what drove us to develop Gateway. Traditionally, the settlement sector in Calgary was siloed, with each organization functioning individually, rather than in coordination with one another. For newcomers entering the city, this meant there was no clear path of which services to access and when. Gateway partners work collaboratively to ensure all newcomers are given appropriate referrals and clear directions on how to quickly achieve their personal and professional goals in their new homeland.

The Gateway Journey:

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Gateway Personalized Plan

A unique plan is developed for each newcomer based on their dreams, goals, skills, and priorities.

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Referrals and Follow-Ups

The plan includes referrals to best-fit programs and services in the community. The Gateway team follows up with each client to ensure they’re reaching their goals.

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Continued Sector Improvement

Information from client journeys is used to improve programs and services, and elevate sector excellence.

Benefits of Gateway:

Gateway removes the guessing game from newcomer settlement journeys.
Newcomers no longer have to:

Attend unnecessary appointments with multiple agencies

Navigate confusing amounts of services in search for the right help

Repeat their story to different agencies in hopes of getting the support they need


Contact us today to start building a plan for your future.

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