A faster way to realizing your dreams

After months of planning and dreaming, you’ve finally arrived in Canada. You’re excited about your new adventure and can’t wait to start building the life you’ve envisioned for yourself.  Or maybe you’ve been here for a few years, but things aren’t going as planned, and everyday life got in the way of your dreams. You want more, but you’re not sure how or where to start.

Does this sound like you?

By joining Gateway, you can access hundreds of programs and services, which help you:

      • settle in Canada
      • find employment
      • access language training
      • prepare your children for school
      • become a part of the Calgary community

      …and more!

    How Gateway Works

    Starting over can be scary, and the amount of information and services available to you can be overwhelming and hard to navigate. How do you meet your immediate and long-term goals, build the career of your dreams, or ensure your family is set up for success?

    Gateway has the answers—and more.

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    Starting is easy

    I contact Gateway to get support with reaching my goals.

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    My plan

    A person works with me to create a unique plan based on my goals, skills, and priorities.

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    Quick match

    My plan connects me to the right programs and services in my community.

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    Dreams become reality

    I start to reach my goals and am on my way to building the life I have envisioned for myself.

    Why join Gateway?

    Gateway is a collaboration among organizations committed
    to supporting you in realizing your dreams in Calgary and Canada.

    Gateway makes it easier to connect to the right programs and services you need to reach your goals.

    You no longer have to attend unnecessary appointments,  navigate confusing services, or repeat your story.

    No matter how long it takes you to reach your goals, the Gateway team will be here to support you.

    Is Gateway right for me?

    Each newcomer story is different, which is why each client deserves a unique plan, personalized to their specific journey. We’ve put together some questions to help you decide whether Gateway is right for you:

    Who is eligible for Gateway?

    All newcomers are eligible to join Gateway regardless of immigration status or length of time in Canada. Citizens and refugee claimants are also eligible to receive a Gateway Personalized Plan.

    Will Gateway help my family?

    Yes! Every member of your family (aged 18 and over) can receive their own Gateway Personalized Plan to build the future they want. Children under 18 can be connected with supports through their parents’/guardians’ Personalized Plans.

    What types of supports exist?

    Whether it’s English languages classes, employment workshops, entrepreneurship support, citizenship classes, school enrolment, or after-school programs for your children, Gateway has over 600 programs to meet your needs.

    How long will I receive support?

    For as long as it takes for you to reach your goals. Whether you have immediate (for example, financial support or help with citizenship classes) or long-term goals (for example, building a brand new career or starting a company), we will be here to support you throughout your journey.

    How much does Gateway cost?

    Gateway is a free service. Your personalized plan will be developed at no cost to you. If your needs and priorities shift, and you need an updated plan, this too will be provided for free!

    What makes Gateway different?

    Gateway is a collaboration of Calgary organizations working together to make sure you’re connected to the right programs and services to meet your goals. Gateway focuses on each individual journey, rather than a one-size-fits-all model. You have a unique story, and you deserve a plan built just for you.


    Contact us today to start building a plan for your future.

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