Only 4 out of 10 newcomers to Canada seek assistance.

Together we can make it eight.

Collectively Creating Impact


Welcome to Gateway—an exciting and innovative newcomer initiative that helps immigrants and refugees to Alberta navigate their new home successfully. Gateway aims to create better connections. Better connections for newcomers to support service agencies. Better connections between partner agencies to complement each other. Better connections to share and learn from each other to elevate sector excellence.

Gateway is a community of collaborative partners. Gateway features a standardized client needs assessment, personalized planning, and referrals methodology that is used and shared across participating agencies. Gateway offers newcomers one landing place to connect them to a variety of services in their community that are right for them.

Did You Know?

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In a Calgary survey, of those not accessing services, 80 percent were unaware or confused about services available to them.

– Calgary Local Immigration Partnership Survey 2018

See Your Impact

Your participation in Gateway matters. In partnership, we can unleash the social, economic and civic potential of newcomers.
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The Newcomer Perspective


Newcomers are often overwhelmed with available choices and lack of clear direction from newcomer service agencies upon arriving in their new homes. With Gateway, newcomers no longer need to navigate confusing amounts of services, attend unnecessary appointments, or endure the frustration of repeating their story.

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Starting is Easy

Gateway is a simple and welcoming place to start my new journey in Alberta, Canada.

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Quick Match-up

A person helps me find the programs and services I feel are right for me and for my family.

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My Plan

With my personalized plan, I know what I need and where to go in my new community.

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I Belong

I feel seen, heard and understood. I am valued and welcomed throughout my community.

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