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How Self-Awareness is the Key to Career Mastery & Team Excellence

June 14 @ 9:00 am - 11:00 am


Join us for an enlightening session that will elevate your understanding of self-awareness and its critical role in personal and professional realms. Our featured speaker, Tara Paton, will guide you through the transformative power of the PrinciplesYou personality assessment tool, illustrating how deeper self-knowledge can enhance your career trajectory and team interactions.

Through engaging discussions and practical examples, this
presentation will provide you with the tools to harness self-awareness for
improving interpersonal relationships, boosting career success, and mastering
team dynamics. Ideal for entrepreneurs, leaders, students, ecosystem partners,
and innovators, this event promises a morning of valuable insights and
networking opportunities.

Why You Should Attend:

1. Unlock Career Success: Discover how self-awareness acts as a catalyst for career advancement and fulfillment. Learn to navigate your personality traits and tendencies for better decision-making, effective communication, and enhanced leadership qualities.

2. Enhance Team Dynamics: In today’s team-oriented work environments, understanding and empathy are keys to success. Gain insights into how self-awareness can foster an appreciation for diverse perspectives, leading to stronger communication and constructive conflict resolution.

3. Optimize Personal Growth: Delve into the PrinciplesYou tool for a detailed analysis of your behavioral patterns and motivations. Tailor your personal and professional development strategies to leverage your unique strengths and achieve your goals.

About Red Blaze Solutions

Red Blaze Solutions is a distinguished boutique consulting firm led by Tara Paton. The firm specializes in revitalizing teams and aligning them with strategic objectives. With a focus on consulting and coaching, Red Blaze Solutions has made a notable impact in various sectors, particularly by guiding multinational energy companies through complex mergers and fostering collaboration in rapidly growing startups.

About Tara Paton

Tara Paton, the President and Founder of Red Blaze Solutions, is celebrated for her two decades of corporate expertise and her role as a visionary leader in team dynamics and organizational excellence. As a Professional Engineer with certifications in Business Administration, Lean Six Sigma, and PROSCI Change Management, Tara brings a diverse skill set to her work. She is also an Erickson Certified Professional Coach, highlighting her dedication to empowering individuals and teams. Inspired by the lessons learned from her autistic son, Tara’s coaching philosophy emphasizes empathy and insight, nurturing individual strengths to achieve collective success. Based in Calgary, Canada, Tara stands as a catalyst for growth, a champion for change, and a source of inspiration for professionals worldwide.


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